August 18, 2009

My childhood days were like hell- Hrithik Roshan

Source :: ThaIndian

Hrithik Roshan aka Duggu is a very shy person when it comes to talking about his personal life. But on the show Tere Mere Beach Main, he revealed his dark side to the host and dost Farah Khan, which was quite shocking. The actor had a stammering problem, and he talked about how he overcame his disability

Since when did you discover this stammering problem?
I was 6-year-old when I discovered that I have started to stammer. I don’t exactly remember what was the fear or the phobia, but it developed. Even today, I feel that there’s no proper definition of why and when this happens, but there is certainly a way out of it. Once I could not speak, but today I have found a way.

Were you ever teased for this in schools?
Yes, I was teased a lot for stammering. I use to feel like one of those handicaps, on whom people laughed, but I cannot blame them, as it was funny. I remember during my oral test exams, I use to bunk by giving reasons such as stomach ache or fever, as it was quite horrifying. My childhood days can be termed as hell.

Was it difficult for your parents to understand you?
They wanted to help, but didn’t know how. Sometimes you need to have knowledge. It was like after a certain point, I use to hear from my near and dear one that “Why can’t you do it…’ It was more pressurizing, but it’s not their fault. One needs to know how to deal with it, and then things will become easy.

Do you remember any embarrassing moment during your hard times?
It was when; I could not even tell that I want to become an actor, as I use to stammer a lot. That was the point when I felt that why doesn’t this ground cracks open and I go inside it.

How did you manage to over come this disability?
Basically its all about co-ordination of your jaw moves, lips, and your breath etc. I had to start from scratch, like A to Z. I use to keep repeating these alphabets and make sentences getting all you tongue and pallets in co-ordination. It was like an exercise for me doing it everyday. When I was 15, I realized that things are working with my tongue exercise. Till date, I do practice speech therapy for an hour in the night to get confidence.

How did you fall in love with Sussanne when you were a shy person during your college days?
The first time I met her was during the worst stage of the struggle in my life. I remember, once we went to Hotel Leela for a date and I had to order something, but I could not even utter a word. Though Sussanne understood, and she ordered for the both of us. It was the moment I fell for her, as she was the first girl in my life who made me feel comfortable at that point.

Hrithik had stammering problem; along side he developed back problem and recently knee problem… How did you get the strength to overshadow everything and yet stand tall?
I believe no experience is life is bad. You have one life, so aren’t you going to do something about it. Due to my back problem, I was bed ridden for a year, but then I realized that I don’t want to live like this and stood up. Life is all about sunrise to sunset, as you have to deal with a new set of problems every day. The one who is able to achieve what he or she thinks will be satisfied at the end of the day.
Also, I have recently opened an institute for speech therapy, where I am taking an initiative, and will do my best to help others facing the same problem.


Hrithik Roshan