August 4, 2009

Hrithik gives his uncle Rajesh Roshan tips on Kites soundtrack

Source :: MidDay

Hrithik Roshan is involved in every aspect of his home production Kites from post- production to the music (composed by his uncle, Rajesh Roshan).

Since Kites is being marketed as an international release, the actor wanted the film to have music that would appeal to a global audience.

Genre blender

Kites has a soundtrack that uses various genres like Jjazz, Latin, house, country, lounge to little bit of soft rock and so on. The film will have a worldwide release and so, it needs a soundtrack that is beyond the usual Bollywood fare.

A source reveals, "Hrithik has been listening to various kinds of music, offering some suggestions to his uncle and together, they are experimenting with different kinds of genres of world music. Hrithik trusts Rajesh's instinct with music but is providing his inputs wherever he can. He is making sure he is present at every stage of the music's recording."

A different music

Roshan admits, "The movie is going to be in Hindi and English and will be catering to a world audience. It was automatically a requirement for the movie to have English and a different kind of music. Duggu, Rakesh, Anurag (Basu, the film's director) and I sat down as a team and worked on the songs. Hrithik had a collection of various genres, which he used to listen to and give suggestions. Rakesh has given musical hits and so has Anurag. Each one of them came from a musical family and gave their input."

He continues, "I made a mixture of various kinds of music into each song. Being a romantic movie, we have more of soft, romantic numbers. Hrithik has sung the title track with a Spanish singer and he worked day in day out to perfect it. He has worked really hard for the song and has delivered the best. There is an uptempo number to which Hrithik has danced and he has put a lot of effort into it. He wanted this track to be something unheard of before," says Roshan.


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